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The North Face WAWONA BED 35 (NF0A81CTLV3)

The North Face WAWONA BED 35 (NF0A81CTLV3)


The North Face WAWONA BED 35 (NF0A81CTLV3)


- Stretch out and sleep well in this 35°F (2°C) rectangular sleeping bag that’s designed to keep you cozy and comfy, whether you sleep on your back, side or front.
- Rectangular design lets you stretch out without feeling as confined as you might in a traditional mummy bag / Recycled face fabrics and insulation for comfort and durability / Anticompression pads for better clo values / Durable YKKR zipper construction allows you to pair two Wawona Beds, which effectively forms a double bag / Wraparound footbox zipper allows the bag to lie flat / Stuffsack included
- Weight (kg): 1.3
- Size(cm):  Regular: Length: 198,  Max User Height: 5'8" (173 cm).
- Material: Features recycled face fabrics and insulation.


The North Face WAWONA BED 35 睡袋(NF0A81CTLV3)


- 這款35°F(2°C)長方形睡袋便於您充分舒展,無論是仰臥、側臥還是趴臥,它都能讓您倍感舒適、一夜好眠。
- 採用長方形設計,您可以盡情舒展,完全沒有傳統木乃伊型睡袋的那種束縛感 / 採用再生面料和保暖材料填充,提高舒適性和耐用性 / 抗壓縮襯墊,CLo值更高 / 耐用的YKKR拉鍊結構,可將兩個Wawona Bed連在一起,打造雙人睡袋 / 足倉四周採用拉鍊,以便平鋪睡袋 / 附帶雜物袋
- 重量(公斤): 1.3 
- 尺寸(厘米): 標準, 長度: 198, 用家最高身高: 5'8" (173厘米).
- 面料: 采用環保面料與保暖材料


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