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The North Face Horizon Mullet Brimmer (NF0A7WH2JK3)

The North Face Horizon Mullet Brimmer (NF0A7WH2JK3)


The North Face Horizon Mullet Brimmer (NF0A7WH2JK3)


- Business in the front, party in the back; the Horizon Mullet Brimmer provides sun protection and comfort for your next adventure.
- Body made with recycled nylon / Five-panel crown construction / Sunshield for superior sun protection / Adjustable chin strap made with 77% recycled polyester with a cord lock / Adjustable shockcord with a cord lock on back / Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 40+ / Proudly recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation, earning their Seal of Recommendation for safe and effective UV protection / Heat transfer logo
- SIZES (cm): appro.56-60
- FABRICS: Body: 100% recycled nylon\sweatband: 52% nylon, 37% recycled polyester, 11% elastane


The North Face Horizon Mullet Brimmer 防曬帽 (NF0A7WH2JK3)


- 正面商務風,背面聚會休閒風;這款Horizon Mullet Brimmer可提供有效防曬保護,而且非常舒適,伴您開啟下一場探險之旅。
- 帽身採用再生尼龍 / 五裁片帽頂設 / 帶遮陽罩,防曬性能更出色 / 帶繩索扣的可調節帽帶,由77%再生聚酯纖維製成 / 可調節束緊繩,後部帶一個繩索扣 / 抗紫外線指數UPF 40+ / 憑藉高安全性和出色的抗紫外線性能榮獲皮膚癌基金會(The Skin Cancer Foundation)的“推薦印章” / 熱轉印品牌標識
- 尺碼: X/XL
- 尺寸(厘米):  約56-60
- 帽身:100%再生尼龍 / 汗帶:52%尼龍,37%再生聚酯纖維,11%彈性纖維


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