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Speedo 【Japan Made 】Unisex Cyclone 3 Goggle AU (33812272D665)-White/Blue

Speedo 【Japan Made 】Unisex Cyclone 3 Goggle AU (33812272D665)-White/Blue


Speedo 【Japan Made 】Unisex Cyclone 3 Goggle AU (33812272D665)


- Building on the success of its predecessor Cyclone 2, our brand new Cyclone 3 goggle includes an intuitive snap-fit assembly with easy strap adjustment. Featuring super-soft seals designed specifically for Asian faces and interchangeable nose bridges, the Cyclone 3 provides a comfortable and accurate fit. Engineered in Japan using high quality materials, this goggle is excellent for regular swimmers. Available to APMEA markets only.

- Engineered in Japan using high quality construction materials

- New snap-fit mechanism located at the back of the strap for easy adjustment and comfortable fi

- Integrated silicone frame and strap design for enhanced comfort and durability

- Interchangeable nose bridges for an individual fit

- Super-soft seals suited to Asian faces

- Smoke lenses provide protection in bright conditions. Ideal for outdoor swimming

- Anti fog coated lens with 100% UV protection


Speedo 【日本製】成人中性 CYCLONE 3 泳鏡 AU (33812272D665)


- 以其前身 Cyclone 2 的成功為基礎,我們全新的 Cyclone 3 泳鏡包括一個卡扣式組件,帶子調節更方便。 Cyclone 3 採用專為亞洲面孔設計的超柔軟設計和可互換的鼻樑,提供舒適感和準確的貼合度。 這款泳鏡採用優質材料並在日本製作,非常適合普通游泳者。 只於 APMEA 市場售賣。

- 日本製,採用優質物料

- 背面的新型卡扣裝置,調節方便,佩戴舒適

- 一體化矽膠框架和頭帶配合,提升舒適度和耐用性

- 可更換鼻樑以切合不同面型

- 超柔軟眼墊專為亞洲臉孔設計

- 灰色鏡片, 適合室外游泳使用

- 基本防霧 及 100% UV 防護


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