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Speedo Fastskin Kickboard (33810869B441)

Speedo Fastskin Kickboard (33810869B441)


Speedo Fastskin Kickboard (33810869B441)


- Train smarter with the Fastskin Kickboard. Created using insights from world-class Team Speedo athletes, sports scientists and experts in hydrodynamics, the Fastskin Kickboard isolates your lower body, leaving you to focus on your kick technique and build leg strength and power. Hugely hydrodynamic, it delivers 28% less drag than a regular kickboard.

- Boat-hull shape on lower surface, giving a hydrodynamic profile that improves straight line speed 28% less drag vs regular kickboard

- Textured grip for a comfortable and secure hold

- Sealed gloss finish for improved durability


Speedo FASTSKIN 專業競賽訓練浮板 (33810869B441)


- 使用 Fastskin 專業競賽訓練浮板進行更智能的訓練。 Fastskin 專業競賽訓練浮板利用世界級 Speedo 團隊運動員、運動科學家和流體動力學專家的見解創建,可隔離您的下半身,讓您專注於踢腿技術並增強腿部力量和力量。 巨大的流體動力,它比普通浮板少 28% 的阻力。

- 下表面的船體形狀,提供提高直線速度的水動力剖面, 與普通浮板相比,阻力減少 28%

- 帶紋理的握把可提供舒適安全的握持

- 密封光澤飾面,提高耐用性


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