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Sony Wireless Microphone ECM-W2BT

Sony Wireless Microphone ECM-W2BT


Sony Wireless Microphone ECM-W2BT


•The ideal wireless microphone for vlogging
•Take the hassle out of vlog and interview audio with the wireless ECM-W2BT. Because it's wireless, it allows stress-free shooting and delivers clear audio in diverse environments, without worrying about the direction of the mic or the distance from the mic. 

•Improve your recording quality and enjoy greater versatility with the ECM-W2BT, a wireless microphone setup that's ideally suited to vlogs. Count on clear, stress-free audio pickup without worrying about ambient noise or microphone orientation, thanks to the wireless configuration and omnidirectional design, optimised to pick up human voices from any angle.

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Sony 無線收音咪 ECM-W2BT


•拍攝 vlog 的理想無線麥克風

•有了無線 ECM-W2BT,vlog 和採訪的音訊製作從此輕鬆無比。無線的設計讓您無需擔心麥克風的方向或與麥克風的距離,在不同的環境下亦能輕鬆拍攝及傳遞清晰音效。

•ECM-W2BT 無線麥克風是拍攝 vlog 的理想之選,助您提升錄製質素,享受更多功能。全賴無線配置及全向性設計,讓您輕鬆接收清晰音訊,不用擔心周遭的環境噪音或麥克風方向,尤其適合收錄來自不同角度的人聲。



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