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Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones (WH-CH520/BZ) - Black

Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones (WH-CH520/BZ) - Black


Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones (WH-CH520/BZ) - Black


- All-day comfort without Noise
- Full function & Light/ Comfort headband with super long battery life, can be used all purpose for all day long

- Good sound quality and customize your sound as you like for every music performance:

DSEE to boost the quality of your compressed music files and enjoy streaming music services better sound. Using Headphones Connect to customize your sound as you like for every music preferences. 360 reality audio to immerse yourself in sound all around you.

- Long Battery Life for All day use 

Ultra long battery life for more than 2 days of continuous use. Quick charge for urgent online classes and outings.

- Call quality 

Hands-free call with built-in microphone, useful for telework and online classes. Noise suppression to collect sound and reduce ambient noise during calls, you can delvier clear voice even in noisy environments.

- Connectivity 

Multipoint connection, easy button operation and can be controlled with your voice. Since the connection is easy with Swift Pair and Fast pair, these headphones are ideal for everyday use.

- Comfortable design for long hours use. 

Confortable head cusion softens the head contact. Silent joints to reduce mechanical noise when wearing. More comfortable and soft earpads using the low repellent urethane foam.


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Sony索尼WH-CH520 無線耳機 (WH-CH520/BZ) - 黑色


- 貼耳式無線耳機 WH-CH520

- 全天候配戴舒適,同時配備出色通話質素,滿足用戶一整天的需要。

- 每首歌曲同樣擁有出色音質

數位音效強化引擎 (DSEE) 讓用戶能享受自然的人聲、水晶般清晰的聲音和平衡的調音。當原始音樂檔被壓縮時,會失去為音軌所添加的細節和豐富度的高頻元素。

- 超長電池續航時間,足夠用戶連續使用數天

貼耳式無線耳機 WH-CH520則提供長達 50 小時電池續航時間,全天候配戴舒適,同時配備出色通話質素,滿足用戶一整天的需要。

- 對話清晰

無論是參加線上課程還是工作會議,無線耳機WH-CH520能提供輕鬆免提通話和出色通話質素。 只需按一下耳罩上的按鈕即可接聽電話,無需從口袋中拿出手機。內置高品質麥克風和噪音抑制處理讓 WH-CH520 在通話過程中收集聲音的同時把環境噪音降低,即使在嘈雜的環境也能保持通話清晰。

- 支援多點連接

支援多點連接、簡易按鈕操作和語音控制 功能。透過 Swift Pair 和 Fast pair 功能可輕鬆連接,非常適合日常使用。

- 長時間配戴保持舒適自在



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