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Sony Float Run (WI-OE610)

Sony Float Run (WI-OE610)

HK$1,099.00 Regular Price
HK$899.00Sale Price

Sony Float Run (WI-OE610)


Comfortable headphones designed for runners

- Float Run:

Focus on your form and forget about your headphones. With the Sony Float Run headphones, you can enjoy comfortable, stable, and easy-to-use headphones that will make your music sound great and keep you motivated on your run.

- Comfort Wearing with Off Ear design:

With a special off-ear design, you won’t have to worry about pressure or stuffiness on your ears and the way the sound is reproduced provides a stress-free listening experience.

- Stability and secure:

No matter how you move, Float Run never fall. Flexble band deisgn which is perfect fit for everyone and 33g light weight provde feather feel.
Tested on a wide range of head shapes and hairstyles, thanks to the flexible neckband you can be confident that the Float Run headphones will stay with you.

- No compromise on sound quality:

The 16mm drivers and precise tuning combine with the off-ear style to give you a more natural and wider sound while you work out.

Tune out your footsteps
Most in-ear headphones create an echo of the sounds your body makes, like footsteps, chewing or heavy breathing, but the Float Run has an open-type design that eliminates this echo and allows in ambient sound.

- Fundamental functions for runners:

Water resistant with an IPX4. Long battery life up to 10hours and support quick charging (10 mins charging support 60mins play time)

- Ambient Sound with spacious feeling

Connect with the world
Enjoy the freedom to hear the world around you at the same time as your music. The Float Run headphones are designed to fill your ears, but not cover them, so you can be aware of your surroundings.

Float Run design allows your music to naturally mix with ambient sound and be formed by your ear shape. The result is a more spatial and genuine listening experience, which leverages all the cleverness of your biology in ways that sealed conventional headphones, and bone conduction designs can't possibly match.


Sony索尼 Float Run 無線耳機 (WI-OE610)



- Float Run: 

專注於您的姿勢,忘記耳機的存在。Sony Float Run 耳機,讓您可以享受舒適、穩定且可輕易操作的耳機,令音樂更出色,讓您在跑步時保持動力。

- Off Ear 設計專為舒適佩戴而設 :


- 穩定安全 :
無論您如何移動,Float Run 都不會跌下。靈活的頭帶設計,非常適合所有人,33 克的重量輕,提供羽毛般的感覺。

經過各種頭型和髮型的測試,靈活的掛頸帶設計,您可以確信 Float Run 耳機將牢牢與您同行。

- 絕不妥協的音質:

16 毫米驅動器單元和精確的調校與離耳式設計結合,讓您在運動時獲得更自然、更廣闊的聲音。

大多數入耳式耳機都會產生身體發出的聲音回音,例如腳步聲、咀嚼聲或沉重的呼吸聲,但 Float Run 採用開放式設計,可以消除這種回音並允許環境聲音進入。

- 跑者需要的基本功能:

防水等級為 IPX4。續航長達10小時,支持快速充電(10分鐘充電支持60分鐘播放時間)

- 具有寬敞感的環境聲:

在聆聽音樂的同時,可自由聆聽周圍的世界。Float Run 耳機的設計旨在讓音樂充滿耳朵,但不會掩蓋住耳朵,因此您可以了解周圍的環境。



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