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Pandora Square Sparkle Open Ring (198506C01)

Pandora Square Sparkle Open Ring (198506C01)


Pandora Square Sparkle Open Rin (198506C01)


ust as the sun’s rays radiate outward and illuminate the sky in every direction, so does our two stone open ring design in sterling silver with square-shaped cubic zirconia at each end. Playful and striking, this open band combines a delicate floating look with an opulent and high-shine sterling silver finish for a contemporary style that makes you look twice. Wear the open ring as a stand-alone piece or stack two or three for an individual look.

Pandora Size: 50, 52

Dimension: Inside diameter: 16mm or 16.5mm


Pandora 潘多拉方形寶石開圈戒指 (198506C01)


一如太陽光線照遍大地,這款925銀開圈戒指兩端的方形立方氧化鋯石,盡現光芒。 充滿趣味、奪目生輝的設計,結合輕盈外形和華麗光潔的925銀效果,當代風格引人注目再三。 單獨佩戴開圈戒指,或疊戴兩、三枚,塑造獨具個性的造型。

潘多拉尺寸: 50, 52

內直徑尺寸: 16毫米, 16.5毫米


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