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Pandora Sparkling Hoop Earrings (299406C01)

Pandora Sparkling Hoop Earrings (299406C01)


Pandora Sparkling Hoop Earrings (299406C01)


- Take a shine to these Sparkling Hoop Earrings. Hand-finished in sterling silver, a line of shimmering cubic zirconia follows all the way around each hoop. One big clear stone is set on the front of each earring. Pair these hoops with other sparkling Pandora Timeless pieces for a contemporary look that makes a statement. If your personal style is more subtle, offset them with a simple sterling silver chain link necklace.

- Metal : Sterling silver

- Stone: Cubic Zirconia

- Dimensions: Depth: 16.6mm Height: 15mm Width: 3.3mm


Pandora 潘多拉璀璨耳環圈 (299406C01)


- 璀璨耳環圈,必令人一見傾心。 款式選用925銀由人手綴飾而成,一列耀目立方氧化鋯石沿耳環圈閃現光芒。 耳環正面鑲嵌一顆豐美的透明寶石。 以此配搭其他璀璨生輝的 Pandora Timeless 飾品,以當代風格造型,表達時尚宣言。 假如你奉行含蓄風格,配搭一條簡約的925銀鎖鏈圈項鏈即可

- 金屬: 925銀

- 寶石: 立方氧化鋯

- 尺寸: 深度: 16.6mm 高度: 15mm 寬度: 3.3mm


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