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Pandora Polished & Pavé Bead Open Ring (188316CZ)

Pandora Polished & Pavé Bead Open Ring (188316CZ)


Pandora Polished & Pavé Bead Open Ring (188316CZ)


Give your look a timeless yet modern twist with this spellbinding Polished & Pavé Bead Open Ring in Pandora Rose (14k rose gold-plated unique metal blend). A fresh interpretation of the classic ring shape, the design takes its inspiration from the striking, energetic look of body piercings and is finished with a touch of elegance. The ring features a polished metal bead on one end and sparkling pavé on the other to give it an edgy, yet feminine expression.

Pandora Size: 50, 52

Dimension: Inside diameter: 16mm or 16.5mm


Pandora 潘多拉光滑密鑲珠飾開圈戒指 (188316CZ)


令人着迷不已的光滑密鑲珠飾開圈戒指,選用 Pandora Rose(鍍14k玫瑰金獨特金屬組合)鑄造,為設計添上歷久不衰同時富現代感的新意。款式在經典戒指形態上作清新演繹,靈感源自奪目具活力的穿環文化,並略帶優雅氣息。戒指一端是一顆光滑金屬圓珠,另一端的圓珠飾以璀璨密鑲寶石,成為鮮明同時嫵媚的時尚表達。

潘多拉尺寸: 50, 52

內直徑尺寸: 16毫米, 16.5毫米


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