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Pandora Polished Crown O Stud Earrings (298295)

Pandora Polished Crown O Stud Earrings (298295)


Pandora Polished Crown O Stud Earrings (298295)

Metal: Sterling Silver Show your love for beautiful hand-finished jewellery with these Polished Crown O Stud Earrings. Crafted from sterling silver, they feature the iconic and well-loved Pandora Crown O symbol and small Pandora logo engravings around their perimeter. The immediately recognisable shape of the Pandora Crown O makes for a stylish addition for those days when you feel like being minimal with your jewellery, but still want to wear something special on your ears to complete your whole look. Size(mm): 6 x 8


Pandora 潘多拉光滑 O 字形冠冕針式耳環 (298295)


金屬: 925銀
拋光王冠字母O耳釘, 925 銀材質,帶有人人喜愛的標誌性王冠字母O主題,同時圍繞中心主題鐫刻精巧Pandora標識。 滿足人們簡約風與時尚造型的雙重需求。                                            

尺寸: 6 X 8 毫米   


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