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Pandora Pavé Double Hoop Earrings (299056C01)

Pandora Pavé Double Hoop Earrings (299056C01)


Pandora Pavé Double Hoop Earrings (299056C01)


PRODUCT DETAILSDouble the wow factor with these sterling silver Pavé Double Hoop Earrings. The small band features micro-beading and a row of clear cubic zirconia pavé, while the large band has cut-out hearts and the Pandora logo. The difference in the size of the circles creates a gap between the bands, adding dimension and a detail that draws the eye. Put on these double hoop earrings to take your look to the next level.Collection: Pandora Signature- Metal: Sterling silver- Stone: Cubic Zirconia

- Product type: Earrings

- Item: 299056C01

- Dimensions: Depth: 5.1mm Height: 16.4mm Width: 16.4mm


Pandora 潘多拉密鑲寶石雙耳環圈 (299056C01)



以這款925銀密鑲寶石雙耳環圈,倍添造型驚喜指數。 小圓環飾以金屬微珠裝飾和一列密鑲透明立方氧化鋯石,小圓環設鏤空心形和 Pandora 標誌。 圓環大小不一,形成兩者之間差距云,令設計更具立體感,呈現吸引光的細節。 簡單戴上,即能令造型更見精彩。
系列: Pandora Signature

- 金屬: 925銀

- 寶石: 立方氧化鋯

- 產品類別: 耳環

- 款號 : 299056C01

- 尺寸: 深度: 5.1mm 高度: 16.4mm 寬度: 16.4mm


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