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Pandora Pavé Asymmetric Star Collier Necklace (390020C01-45)

Pandora Pavé Asymmetric Star Collier Necklace (390020C01-45)


Pandora Pavé Asymmetric Star Collier Necklace (390020C01-45)


Create starry style with the Pavé Asymmetric Star Collier Necklace. Hand-finished in sterling silver and featuring sparkling clear cubic zirconia, this is a subtle design and delicate form with unique detailing. The necklace features an asymmetric sparkling star pendant with a spinning mini star in the centre and a stone set in the centre. Inspired by the glittering stars, this celestial-themed necklace is perfect for anyone who wants to add the magic of the night sky to their look.

- Collection: Pandora Moments

- Metal: Sterling silver

- Stone: Cubic Zirconia

- Themes: Nature and Celestial

- Product type: Necklaces

- Item: 390020C01

- Dimensions: Depth: 3.1mm Height: 16.3mm Width: 16.7mm


Pandora 潘多拉密鑲寶石璀璨星形短項鏈 (390020C01-45)


以密鑲寶石不規則星形短項鏈,構思耀眼如星光的造型。 人手綴飾的925銀短項鏈,飾以璀璨透明立方氧化鋯石,含蓄設計形態典雅,細節獨特。 項鏈上的璀璨不規則星吊墜,中間有顆可旋轉的迷你星星,並鑲嵌一顆寶石。 以閃爍繁星為靈感的晚空主題項鏈,是為造型注入奇妙晚空氣息的理想款式。
- 系列: Pandora Moments

- 金屬:925銀

- 寶石: 立方氧化鋯

- 主题: 大自然與星空

- 產品類別:項鏈

- 款號: 390020C01

- 尺寸: 深度: 3.1mm 高度: 16.3mm 寬度: 16.7mm


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