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Pandora Herbarium Cluster Charm and Bracelet Set (R800590)

Pandora Herbarium Cluster Charm and Bracelet Set (R800590)


Pandora Herbarium Cluster Charm and Bracelet Set  (R800590)


An elegant gift set inspired by the beauty of nature, the Sparkling Herbarium Cluster Bracelet Gift Set includes a sterling silver slider bracelet and a round charm. The sterling silver charm is composed of four clusters of clear cubic zirconia stones forming two subtly different designs, with round or pear-shaped stones with a cluster of microbeads at the centre, taking inspiration from petal and leaf shapes. The snake chain slider bracelet is a sophisticated spin on our classic charm holder bracelet, featuring one movable and one fixed end cap, with end beads each set with a shimmering stone. An innovative sliding clasp makes it easy to adjust it to the right size.

- Metal: Sterling silver
- Stone: Cubic Zirconia
- Product type: Featured Gifting
- Item: R800590


Pandora 潘多拉璀璨浮游花圓形串飾及手鏈套裝  (R800590)


璀璨花葉手鏈禮品套裝盡顯優雅風範,以大自然的美態為靈感,包括一條925銀滑扣手鏈和一顆圓形串飾。 925銀串飾由四組透明立方氧化鋯石組成兩個略有不同的設計,以金屬小圓珠綴飾於圓形或梨形寶石的中央,自花瓣和樹葉的形狀汲取靈感。 滑扣蛇形手鏈為經典串飾手鏈注入高雅新意,配備一個可活動及一個固定的鏈端扣,末端採用圓珠設計鑲嵌閃爍寶石。 創新滑扣設計,方便調校鏈長。

- 系列: Pandora Timeless
- 金屬: 925銀
- 寶石: 立方氧化鋯
- 產品類別: 精選禮品
- 款號: R800590


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