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Crumpler Suitcase : VVB001-G03T55 (55cm)Hand carry

Crumpler Suitcase : VVB001-G03T55 (55cm)Hand carry

Model no.: VVB001-G03T55 (55cm) 
Strong, lightweight and durable shell, made from the perfect blend of polycarbonate and ABS
• Heavy duty zip
• Zip safety straps attached to the outside of the case take the strain off the zip during travel
• In-built TSA lock tailored and cushioned fabric handles allow for easy and comfortable transition from wheel to carry
• Innovative clothes compression system (Patent Pending) keeps your items strapped and secure so they don't move during transit
Width: 37 cm
Height: 56 cm
Depth: 22 cm
Volume: 45 L
Weight: 3.3 kg 1 year warranty
(Delivery to Hong Kong only)

型號: VVB001-G03T55 (55cm)
可手提到機艙 時尚色彩 設計輕巧 內容空間特大 堅固耐用
開合方式: 耐用密封拉鏈+TSA密碼鎖 專利衣物固定系統,有效固定衣物
包箱物料: 耐用硬膠ABS 尺寸: 37厘米(闊)x 56厘米 (高) x 22厘米 (厚)
容量: 45公升
重量: 3.3公斤 1年保養


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