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copy of Sony XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker (Light Grey)

copy of Sony XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker (Light Grey)

HK$1,599.00 Regular Price
HK$999.00Sale Price

'Sony XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker (SRS-XE300)

- Share the joy with the spread sound

The XE300 speaker shares the same sound experience with everyone in your venue, all from a durable and portable speaker with an impressive battery life. The XE300 speaker spreads the sound around, so that everyone at your party can feel the same sound.

- Wider sound for better parties 

The XE300 has a Line-Shape Diffuser that will help your sound reach further than ever. Plus, with its portable size and 24-hour battery life, it’s the perfect partner for your next party.

- Water won’t stop you

The XE300 is waterproof and even salt water resistant, so you'll have no worries by the sea or the pool. 

- Size: Approx. 105mm x 238mm x 119mm

- Weight: Approx. 1.3 kg

- Battery Life: Approx. 24 hours

- For more information:


'Sony索尼XE300 X 系列可攜式無線揚聲器 (SRS-XE300)

- 壯闊音效,分享歡樂

XE300 揚聲器是一款耐用、提供驚人電池使用時間的可攜式揚聲器,讓您與派對現場的每一位分享相同的音效體驗。XE300 揚聲器能將音效傳播到每個角落,讓參與派對的每一位都感受到相同的音效。

- 更寬廣音效,派對更盡興 

XE300 配備線狀擴散器,有助將音效進一步傳播到以往無法覆蓋的地方。另外,加上可攜式尺寸設計及 24 小時電池使用時間,它絕對會是您下一個派對的完美夥伴。

- 不受水濺阻礙

XE300 採用防水設計,甚至能夠抵禦鹹水,即使在海邊或泳池邊使用,亦無需擔心。

- 尺寸: 約 105 毫米 x 238 毫米 x 119 毫米

- 重量:約 1.3 公斤

- 更多資訊:



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