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Arena Pastel Pop 2.0 Gradient Beach Mat (368BM301GRN)

Arena Pastel Pop 2.0 Gradient Beach Mat (368BM301GRN)


Arena Pastel Pop 2.0 Gradient Beach Mat (368BM301GRN)


- With shining and shimmering waves in this summer, arena presents you a new season of SS23 Pastel Pop collection. Featuring the highly UV protective UPF 50+, mesh and rib-textured design are added to the collection for the ultimate cool experience. Together with the colour of sun rise and sun set, all you can see are fine light shades of pastel - where you find new reflections of you and your friends spending time together in the ocean.
- Lightweight, small foldable size makes it easy to keep in your bag
- With handle that you can carry it conveniently
- Suitable for outdoor activities such as beach Days, picnics and camping
- Materials: 100% Polypropylene
- Size(cm): 175 x 108 


Arena PASTEL POP 2.0 漸變色沙灘墊 (368BM301GRN)


- 今個盛夏,arena為你呈獻全新一季Pastel Pop系列。著重於出眾的防曬功能,再引入網紗及羅紋設計,完美展現涼感體驗。在日出和日落的配色襯托下呈現出柔和色彩的細微光影,讓你找到與朋友一起在海洋中度過的時光新寫照。
- 輕巧及可摺疊手提, 便於隨身攜帶
- 適合不同的戶外活動使用,如海灘,野餐,露營
- 物料: 100%聚丙烯
- 尺寸(厘米): 175 x 108


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