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Arena Japan Made Re:Non Clearly Mirror Goggles

Arena Japan Made Re:Non Clearly Mirror Goggles


Arena Japan Made Re:Non Clearly Mirror Goggles (368AGL8300MEBSK)


- New Re:non premium anti-fog function developed by Japan, if the goggles fog up, wipe gently with water and anti-fog function will be reactivate. Wipe lens and get a clear vision quickly!
- Suitable for training
- New developed Super soft elastomer material molded over the lens on goggles as a cushion. 3D cushion brings the perfect fitting and avoid the water leaking
- Adjustable nose bridge
- Split Strap: Combines simplicity and flexibility for a snug, comfortable fit
- Mirror processed: Extra shading against light, frequent use in well-lit pools
- UV protection
- Long-lasting anti-fog function
- Made in Japan
- Materials: Lens:Polycarbonate / Cushion:Elastomer / Nose bridge:Elastomer / Head strap: Elastomer


Arena 日本製 RE:NON CLEARLY 訓練反光鏡面泳鏡 (368AGL8300MEBSK)


- 全新Re:non 防霧功能–日本研發革命性激活防霧功能, 具有持久防霧功能, 當防霧功能減弱, 只需用指頭輕擦鏡片內部即能重新激活90%防霧功能。
- 適合訓練時使用
- 使用了Arena防脫結構的3D軟墊,確保泳鏡與面部貼合,防止入水。另外獨特的結構能將軟墊緊固,防止丟失
- 可調較鼻托
- 分帶設計: 易於調節長度,能貼合不同面形,穿戴更舒適
- 反光鏡面能阻礙強光,適合於較光泳池或戶外使用
- 防UV功能
- 長效防霧功能
- 日本製
- 物料: 鏡片: 聚碳酸酯/ 墊層: 彈性體 / 鼻托: 彈性體/ 頭帶: 彈性體


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